Is there hope in the fight against corruption?: Watch this video and learn that there certainly is cause for hope and success


Corruption is eating into the vitals of the Nation. Let us fight with all the might of the Fifth Estate, the people sans political, government, bureaucratic, judicial or media or any other form or quarters from which one could think of garnering support.


The video here is a talk by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy at Mangalore on 26th Feb 2011.


After watching it, and listening to him decide for yourself what you could do about corruption.


The link below takes you to the video, or you could watch it here.








Facts and Truths of Sham ID...

facts-and-truths-of-sham-id-called-aadhaar Facts and Truths of Sham ID called, "Aadhaar"   A series of video interviews have been and are being uploaded to explain to people the stupidity and dangers - both personal and to the Nation - of the Sham ID scheme that...
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headlines-today-sting-operation-video-sham-id-enrolments Headlines Today Sting Operation Video - Sham ID Enrolments  Please follow the attached link to view the video   Refer Link
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rti-uidai-enrolling-illegal-immigrants-is-genuine-reply-24-04-2014 Enrolling illegal immigrants is genuine as per RTI reply of UIDAI   
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