Campaign for a Management Approach to SWM

Solid Waste Management is in a mess,especially in Bangalore. The reason is not far to seek. Although having the word, “Management” in the phrase, “SWM”, practically not only is management absent, its absence is not even mentioned.
A few of us have agreed to work together to see if it is possible to “Manage” solid wastes being generated in Bangalore and elsewhere.
Here are a few pictures and a video of the current process of SWM and its effects.

If this is to be avoided a mass movement involving ALL Stakeholders is required.

The Fifth Estate would like to be part of such a movement and invites all citizens to join in.

The movement plans to take inputs from all and formulate a consensus of ideas to RE-Engineer the entire SWM process from generation to final re-utilization of all “Waste”.

What Next for UID?

Biometric and personal data of 600 million people has been collected. This is UIDAI's claim and could well be true. The Registrar General of India and Census Commissioner has been on a similar exercise of data-collection. Information of how many people's data has been collected is not published. 

BJP leaders have publicly stated that they would review the UID Scheme once they take office. Now that they are in the saddle, or hot seat as some would term it, it would be interesting to watch what they would do with the scheme, the two sets of data and all the infrastructure created by not just the two Union Government departments, but all state governments.

It would take a long time for people to realise that databases have severe limitations, their setting up costly and their use restricted to certain fields of application. While they take their time for this realisation to dawn on them, a lot of public money would be spent on this futile exercise and a lot of people's data would have been compromised. 

Here is a link that would tell you about what happens when one places implicit faith in databases. This a news item that was published in the 'Daily Mail' of UK on 14 April 2010.








You are invited to view the Power Point Presentation on Data Protection and Government Schemes. Please follow the link to access the PPT. This would give you an idea of what is the task ahead of anyone who wishes to address the issue. 

Budget 2015 - 16

Budget season is still far away for most people and even for politicians; not so for babudom and lobbyists.

Come budget day, we have many experts,more business persons and of course politicians of all hues airing their opinions, with media persons with sycophantic deference thrusting a mike at them hoping to get a couple of sound and video bites.

You would hear the same opinions repeated ad nauseam – “Pedestrian budget”, “Nothing in it for common man or industry or agriculture (depending on one’s ideological leanings)”, “FM could have pushed for more reforms” etc. etc.

Its time “We the people” whose money and how it’s proposed to be spent or squandered by the powers that be, took a more active interest in the machinations that go on in the making of the budget.

So, The Fifth Estate proposes to call for suggestions and plans to point to certain goals that we may ask the budget makers to have in focus.

Let’s start with two focus points.

One is “Inequality” and allied to it is the second point, “HDI”.

To remind us what inequality means, here is a picture that might be useful.

Here is a link to a news report in ‘The Hindu’ of 08 December 2014 on “Inequality”.





Corporate Funding of Elections

(The bane of all democracies)

Come elections, one finds thousands of Crores of Rupees are seized from cars, trucks and several other places and situations.

Nothing is ever heard of what happened to all these seizures. Why does not the CEC, and Government and NGOs, like ADR follow up on these and ensure that the crimes are taken to their logical conclusion? 

All political parties cry hoarse about bringing back black money from abroad. What about the black money circulating within the country? 

How much of this is corporate black money funding political party black money?

Let people say whether corporate funding of elections should be banned altogether, limited or freely allowed. 

A TV debate had the former CEC seeking a ban on grounds that it make for unfair elections since, some parties, which do not follow the crony capitalist ideology stand to be placed at a disadvantage.

A Poll on this website to the right of the screen request your views.

An article in 'Tehelka' magazine titled, "The Dirty Underbelly of Election 2014" is revealing. The link to the article is here.



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