Fifth Estate is a concept that has arisen of necessity. All four estates of democracy have let down people. People need to reclaim their lost sovereignty so that governments everywhere are of, by and for people. 

This initiative is none too early. People need to reclaim their sovereignty, if government is to be truly, of, by and for the people. 

'Deccan Herald', a leading Bangalore-based news paper in its 'Opinion' page had an article titled, "Pity the common man", in which theme of 'people as sovereign' was expounded. 

If you have difficulty accessing the newspaper, try registering and logging in to Deccan Herald's e-paper. You could also go to the paper's archives and look up the 28 Jan 2011 issue at page 10 for the article titled, "Pity the common man".  

Civil Society, if not aligned to, or in collaboration with, any of the other four estates of democracy, could be termed as the 'Fifth Estate'. 

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is a typical manifestation of Fifth Estate in action. 

'Team Anna' whose members say that they would not contest elections, are a good example of the Fifth Estate. Media makes much of whether 'Team Anna' have become political. Becoming "political" should mean either being part of, or associated with, political party or parties, or having political ideological beliefs.  


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