PDS Loot by Minister alleged with facts & documents

The news story in 'Tehelka' should shock everyone's conscience. It is the story of loot of food meant for the poor by the minister in charge.

This is bad enough. Worse is the fact that while this loot was going on the Central Government and UIDAI head Nilekani came up with the grand idea of uniquely identifying the poor with the UID scheme to prevent leakage of PDS food. All the while the Central Government is silent on the food being looted by the minister of the largest state in India.

Does this show that all are hand in glove when it comes to fraud?

The news story says that all officials and even magistrates were bribed. it also mentions that an honest officer was murdered. A senior police officer's report to the CBI is gathering dust. Both the SP and BSP governments soft-peddled the probe and did not sanction prosecution of concerned criminals. 

How could the people of this country expect corruption to be reduced or eliminated by UID or any other measure? Are the people fools and more especially the media, not to be able to see through the hypocrisy and deceit in the whole UID scheme?

To follow the story please check the link below. 'Headlines Today' TV has carried this news in its transmission on 8 March 2013.