A lot has been said about these – Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register (NRC).

The popular agitation against these have cost several lives. All, to what purpose? Lives snuffed out due to the unthought whim of a few.

Democracy has, unfortunately become a system wherein people elect representatives to do common tasks for them, but in which, the representatives metamorphose as rulers to lord over those who gave them the job!

When one understands that CAA and NRC are without any purpose or utility other than some hidden agendas, are impractical – virtually impossible to implement – then it would be clear that its objectives could be two. One to gain support of a few who perceive the actions as furtherance of an agenda of divisive politics that us useful some sections of society and two an attention diverting initiative that takes the focus away from real problems of people – jobs, basic needs etc. – to an unreal world of psychological satisfaction.

An article in “The Telegraph” datelined 09 Aug 2019 tells part of the story and makes for an interesting read. Follow it on the link below.