UIDAI Continues to Lie About the Sham ID called, "Aadhaar"

The CEO of UIDAI is either not aware of the facts or is distorting them by making false claims and comparing India's UID (which, is NOT unique) with SSN. SSN is NOT mandatory under the SSN Act. UIDAI is copying the SSN practices, without understanding it and without the purposes for which, SSN came into being. He says all this in an article in 'Indian Exp.ress' of 13 May 2017, under the heading, "Criticism without "Aadhaar".

SSN has a host of serious problems. UIDAI is importing these to India.

Worse, USA does not share the SSN database with foreign agencies. UIDAI contractually gives access to ALL UID / Sham ID (– because biometric identification is fallible, proven scientifically and mathematically) to foreign firms and they are authorized by contract to do whatever they like with it!

In justification of the Sham ID / "Aadhaar" Scheme, the UIDAI CEO makes false claims of huge savings though use of the Sham ID.

He says that “fakes and ghosts” in welfare databases have been eliminated by this.

Who created the so-called “fakes and Ghosts” and entered these into the databases? Why is it that no investigation has been done by any department in the past several decades into theft of welfare funds? How has UIDAI and government arrived at the Sham ID solution without such investigation? Is there any rationale for it? Where is the "Aadhaar" of "Aadhaar"?

Its basis, "Aadhaar" is unique ID by use of biometrics. Can the UIDAI CEO explain how 80 million fakes or duplicates were found (mentioned in counter affidavit to my writ in Supreme Court) in about 800 million enrolments? Does he know about False Positive Matches? Does he know the error rate of his Sham ID / "Aadhaar" Scheme? 

Why has the Real ID Act of 2005 still not been implemented in USA?

Why did THE UK scrap the National ID Card Act? Is he aware that the THE UK’s health database was brought down just two days back by ransom-ware?

The UIDAI CEO would like to debate the Sham ID / "Aadhaar" Scheme. I challenge him through your newspapers columns to such and public debate. Could he organize one on TV?