The Professional Problem

HR is one area of management that receives maximum lip service and minimal attention from top management.

Perhaps, the hangover from the industrialization era has got into the new IT age. They seem prefer the "hire and fire" policy. Most people work, willingly or otherwise, for long periods. The work hours are much more than the prescribed 8 hours. It is common knowledge that IT professionals work for 10 to 12 hours, at the minimum. 

IT work is addicting. The professional find it difficult to get off from their laptops or desktops. This could be one reason why they work long hours without complaining. However, IT company managements must realise that this cannot be but at the cost of efficiency and more importantly employee health. Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSS) is common among them. Many of them are under severe psychological stress. Stress-caused illnesses manifest themselves in several ways. Most of these people suffer from insomnia, depression (leading to suicides in extreme cases), family discord and high divorce rates, drug abuse, alcoholism etc.  

IT professional in western countries seem to be less affected. One reason could be that they do not have longing working hours as in Asian countries. 

Considering that IT is entering practically every field of human activity, the service provided by IT professionals for the public is bound to feel the impact of the stressed IT professionals work out put.

The earlier this issue is addressed by the IT industry chieftains, the better it would be for all.

Here is a link to a website that has an excellent analysis of work stress, although this is not specific to IT. 

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