A lot has been said about these – Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register (NRC).

The popular agitation against these have cost several lives. All, to what purpose? Lives snuffed out due to the unthought whim of a few.

Democracy has, unfortunately become a system wherein people elect representatives to do common tasks for them, but in which, the representatives metamorphose as rulers to lord over those who gave them the job!

When one understands that CAA and NRC are without any purpose or utility other than some hidden agendas, are impractical – virtually impossible to implement – then it would be clear that its objectives could be two. One to gain support of a few who perceive the actions as furtherance of an agenda of divisive politics that us useful some sections of society and two an attention diverting initiative that takes the focus away from real problems of people – jobs, basic needs etc. – to an unreal world of psychological satisfaction.

An article in “The Telegraph” datelined 09 Aug 2019 tells part of the story and makes for an interesting read. Follow it on the link below.




The Stupidity of Sham ID Aadhaar Enthusiasts


The saying goes, “There are two things, which are infinite: God and human stupidity”.

The news that an outfit of Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  enthusiasts have submitted a proposal to the Karnataka State excise department to link the Sham ID numbers to people buying liquor in bottles, is NOT surprising, for such is human stupidity!

And even more silly, the excise department secretary, has directed the excise commissioner to submit a detailed opinion on linking Aadhaar number to liquor buyers.

Clearly, the enthusiasts and high government officials are unable to think beyond their blind beliefs or convoluted ways of using their mental faculties.

The ostensible aim is to “uniquely identify” liquor buyers who discard empty liquor bottles anywhere they please and thus, pollute the environment.

Just consider a few difficulties in achieving their “noble” objective.

Would the law, if ever it were to be promulgated, apply to a person who buys a full bottle of liquor at a restaurant and leaves the empty bottle at the bar or dinning table?

How would the liquor buyer then, be responsible for where the empty bottle ends up?

People sell empty bottles to recyclers. If liquor bottles are abandoned by recyclers at places where they are not to be left, would the liquor buyer be held responsible.

All this is assuming that the liquor shop and / or restaurant from where the bottle is purchased is able to verify the authenticity of the Sham ID Aadhar number of the buyer.

What if a person uses a fake Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  number?

All in all, the idiocy of Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  continues unabated.

Sham ID Aadhaar-PAN Link - A Ridiculous Statement - CBDT

The Pune Mirror quotes the former Chairman of CBDT as making some ridiculous claims.
I hope and presume that he was mis-quoted by Mirror journo with misplaced exuberance.
Surely, the Chairman can’t be so ignorant.
The Mirror report claims that the Chairman said that the department wants to find out the spending pattern of bank accounts!
Is the former CBDT Chairman admitting that the IT department wants to watch ALL bank accounts to find out the spending pattern? If so, did the government lie to the Supreme Court that the purpose of linking the Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'  to PAN is for detecting duplicate / multiple PANs? Deetcting duplicates or multiple PANs is in any case impossible with the Sham-ID-Aadhaar link to PAN, since, biometrics results in false matches, a person can obtain many Aadhaar numbers.
Militants when arrested were found in possession of more than one "Aadhaar card". Further, as per Section 9 of the Aadhaar Act, the Aadhaar number is not proof of citizenship. So, any foreigner could have the Sham-ID-Aadhaar number. 
In 2017, a Pak spy working in the embassy in Delhi not only had obtained the Sham-ID-Aadhaar number, he had also opened bank account and received LPG subsidy.
CBDT Chairman - please note.
The foolishness of the former CBDT Chairman’s statement is even more apparent when one reads that he said that “with "Aadhaar" link, it would be easier to gauge whether the benefits of welfare schemes are availed by eligible persons.
Is he so ignorant that he does not know that people on welfare in any country in the world, including “Digital India” would not fall in the income tax bracket?
Here's the link to the story




RERA or KAOA or KOFA or a Combination of These?

Even after the enactment of The Real Estate Regulation Act, 2016, (RERA) the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 (KAOA) and the Karnataka Ownership Flats (Regulation of the Promotion, Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act, 1972 (KOFA) remain in the statutes.

This has and is creating confusion among apartment buyers.

Promoters / builders of Real Estate Projects take advantage of this situation.

Some promoters have registered under KAOA and refuse to register under RERA.

KAOA, though ostensibly intended to provide apartment-buyers with “marketable title”, does not, in fact, do so.

Section 5 of KAOA read with Rule 5 of KAO Rules, 1974 and paragraph 5 of Form ‘A’ made under the said Rules, only mandate purchase / issue of at least ONE share in a co-operative society or company which is to be formed by the promoter under Section 10 of KOFA.

Some apartment owners – especially those who had unsavoury experiences with their apartment owners’ associations – have clutched at The Co-operative societies Act, 1959 to settle scores and in the bargain are harming themselves and other confused apartment owners.

Here is a You Tube video explaining the Acts and their implications

Also attached is PPT which could viewed along with the video for ease of understanding.

If viewers have any doubts, please feel to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on +919880000401.


Lessons not learnt from 26/11

We are novices at handling terror or intelligence or diplomacy. Just look at the faux pas of Republic Day Chief Guest invitation. We missed the build-up across the border before Kargil. Our agencies and politicians never learn. They are so focussed on fighting each other. Some even join our Nation’s enemies.

Look at “Aadhaar” which, I call, “Sham ID” because it is not an ID card. Yet, almost all people, including Supreme Court refer to it as "Aadhaar card". It is a letter acknowledging enrollment and assigning an allegedly unique number. The letter tells the recipient to cut a portion of it and use it.

The letter also informs the recipient that it is not proof of citizenship. It can’t differentiate between citizens and non-citizens. Still, RBI, banks encourage its use as KYC.

EC would like to link it to names in voter lists. Does not EC know that resident non-citizens should not be in our voter lists? Worse, the de-duplication process to assign the ostensibly unique number is done by foreign private companies. Does EC want foreign entities to control enrolment into our voter lists. I had written to EC explaining this but did not receive any reply.

Even our Armed Force personnel are asked to enrol in Sham ID, 'Aadhaar'. As per UIDAI’s contracts with Biometric Solution Providers (foreign entities), all data is not only provided to them but they are also authorised to do whatever they wish to with the data. No one realises that the deployment and movement of our Defence Forces would be known minute-by-minute to external agencies.

Our PM uses an iPhone given to him by Apple’s Tim Cooke!

Back to tackling 26/11 type situations. Our police need helicopters and drones. Is anyone in government even contemplating provision of these?

As for intelligence, we are so gullible that despite Snowden, most Indian government departments have Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

To prevent another 26/11, our intelligence agencies need to be more intelligent – use their brains. We did not even insist on interrogating David Headley in India. He was certainly not a DEA agent turned rogue. That’s what they would have us believe. No need for watch lists. He was travelling between US, Pakistan and India. Even an idiot cop at the immigration counter could have smelt a rat.

Below is an article from "Outlook" Magazine datelined 15-11-2018