There is just one letter that separates the abbreviations of the governments of USA and the Indian government. Now, Wikileaks shows that even this difference is notional. That our current PM was a preferred nominee of the IMF to be the finance minister in the Narasimha Rao government, when the country went to that financial institution with a begging bowl for foreign exchange, is well known. With a carefully cultivated media image of honesty, the PM had thus far kept himself above suspicion. Not any longer, what with all the scandals swirling around him today.

USA and its Nuke lobby are the ones that have the maximum to gain in the nuke deal, the so-called, ‘1 2 3 Agreement’, is not in doubt. Not being able to sell their designs, technology and equipment for nuke power plants, India is as good a dumping ground as any. The PM staked the survival of his previous government on the passage of the nuke bill. Did he really believe that nuke power is so crucial for India that he would let the government fall if the bill did not go through? India has plenty of alternative sources of renewable energy in solar, wind, tidal and ocean thermal energy. Why is it that the PM pitching for nuke power, which is neither cheap nor free of pollution?  

One in four MPs has a criminal record. It is not difficult to give credence to news that they took bribes. USA and its machinations to sabotage elected governments all over the world have been exposed by Wikileaks. No wonder then, that USA is keen to get hold of Julian Assange. The inhuman treatment meted out to Wikileaks collaborator, US private, Manning, is clear indication of the extent to which that country would go to maintain its fig leaf cover, as paragon of virtue in the arena of human rights.

The PM has been promoting UID vigorously. He has not even cared to reply to the letter written to him by the MP, Rama Jois, raising several serious concerns of national security and democratic propriety, in having US companies involved in UID and spending money on the project without Parliament sanction.

It is time the nation woke up to the reality of the degradation of governance and democratic norms. It is time to raise our voice against toeing the UD line and virtually selling the country’s interests at the alter of the economic philosophy that the PM subscribes to.  

Read the full story of the ‘cash-for-votes’ scandal as revealed in Wikileaks as reported by Headlines Today’