Covid "cases" - the False Narrative Continues Unabated!

"Cases" rise! How are these "cases" detected? The infamous RT-PCR test? Its inventor, Kary Mullis says, "It can't tell if you are sick". Then why do governments in most countries keep using it? And putting out data on "cases"?  

Then media frenzy in touting out Covid news rivals piranha feeding frenzy. Significantly, Kary Mullis video where he says that PCR can’t tell if you are sick has been taken down by You Tube for “violating policy guidelines”. Does its policy dictate censoring scientific evidence of an inventor – a Nobel laureate at that – if the evidence is not palatable to its agenda?

Fortunately, the video is still available thanks to some good anticipation by those who would like the truth of the hoax to be out.

Here’s the link to the video.

I did see one tweet which claimed to have “fact checked” the video and found it a Facebook fake! This, despite two European courts, one in Portugal and the other in Austria holding the PCR test and unreliable for decisions on the alleged pandemic.

There are academicians publicizing their modelling results based on these false case data. Don’t we all know the first infamous modelling results of Neil Ferguson which set the panic rush.

The mystery, perhaps, it is not one at all, and there is a logical explanation, is why are many governments perpetuating the hoax. A conspiracy theory which may ultimately be proven right? After all, there is a convergence of motives. For the politician, it is control of people through fear. For the pharma business, it is profits. For media, it is TRPs. So, why not keep the narrative going as long as it lasts.