Demonetization- The Sensible and Senseless Way

What was the necessity for the secrecy and suddenness of the demonetization?

Would it have been better to have announced it well in advance, prepare banks and ATMs to avoid the chaos now seen everywhere?

The latter would certainly be far better if the objective were to flush out black money.

By announcing in advance and giving sufficient time the black money-holder would become complacent.

She / he would deposit her / his black money. One could watch large volume and frequent transactions to zero in on those with black money.

What then is the purpose of the secrecy, the suddenness and the speech by the PM.

Is there any other explanation other than to derive political mileage from the hype surrounding the move and to show the PM as one fighting black money?

Unfortunately, this is a boomerang that will come back to hurt the charlatan-advisers to the PM who are misleading him (perhaps?).

Instead of all this hullaballoo, why do not the black money crusaders just look at what is happening right under their noses?

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