US Snooping as Revealed by Snowden


You and every body else in the world are being watched all the time by US intelligence agencies and their collaborators round the world. This is what the Oscar award-winning documentary film of Laura Poitras discloses, as you see the whistleblower, Ed Snowden talks with her and journalists Glenn Greenwald and another.

Governments all through history have used fear as a weapon to subjugate people. Those who are elected to represent people and their interests, soon turn to become and behave like their masters, instead of public (read people's) servants.

But then, it is people who allow them - the representatives - to do so. 

So, people have a choice and so do the organs of democracy - the judiciary, the officers of the courts (advocates), the bureaucracy, the media and other stakeholders, like businesspersons and entities. 

The choice is whether they want to live in a democracy with freedom and liberty or would trade their freewill for an elusive security.

Here is the link to the documentary.




Even Coriander receives a UID number. Can anything be more ridiculous?


MGNREGS should not be testing ground for UID – says, ‘The Caravan’ magazine

in its Vol. 3, Issue 2 February 2011 Issue.

“Why not”, some may say. The poor have been guinea pigs in many countries for varied purposes. Hence, why not try out some new fancy- technological schemes on them.

It does not matter that in the bargain, some of them might die of starvation. The government could claim that they did their best, even spent Rs. 1.5 Lakh Crores in trying. What else could any government do?

The students who protested are too young to understand these high-tech efforts.

To read the full story click on ‘The Caravan’.


Is UID on a collision course with NREGS?



The US government has locked radio tags on to the legs of hapless Indian students. The irony is that these students have been cheated by a bogus US university. The students travelled on lawful US visas for studies.

Our government is making some noises. The Foreign Minister condemned it. His deputy appeared agitated; but then what could they do, other than whimper?

The Foreign Minister said that the students are not criminals. US government replied that tags do not mean that they have committed any crimes or are even under investigation.

Why should our government take umbrage at the US? Has not our government launched a “prestigious” project for the poor, in which the government is “digitally” tagging the entire population, all of 1.2 Billion Indians?

Read the Indian student tale of woe in IBN Live.


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