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We launched NO2UID in 2009, soon after the PM announced the appointment of Nilekani as chairperson of UIDAI with cabinet rank. We saw through the game of pretending that the UID project is a pro-poor initiative. We were a few who understood the government and UIDAI game plan. We had no money and no organisation to fight the government with its thousands of Crores of taxpayers’ money and Nilekani with his immense personal wealth and media clout.

Reports say that the government has spent about Rs. 500 Crores of taxpayers' money on the UID programme. They have Rs. 8,800 Crores available for spending. The money goes to private companies, small and big. Some are foreign companies with questionable background and links with foreign country intelligence agencies and defence departments.

Please help oppose those who are squandering public money for private gain and purposes detrimental to the people!

We have no office. We work from our homes. We spend our personal money. So far, a few have contributed towards the expenses for our civil suit against UIDAI and two others. To spread information about the evils of UID and make the campaign effective costs money. Your contribution will go a long way in this journey against the evil designs of politicians, bureaucrats and businesspersons to manipulate and control people.

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We thank all those who have donated and / or paid membership subs.

We sincerely thank all those who have generously supported the campaign. Without your help, we would not be have reached this far. The journey to rid ourselves of this menace is long and hard.We request you to encourage your friends and acquaintances to join the NO2UID campaign