A Government of Scams

The 2 G scam was Rs. 1.76 Lakh Crores. The “Coalgate” scam now is Rs. 1.85 Lakh Crores. In the 2 G scam, Sibal attacked the CAG saying that the loss is “notional”. He said it is “Zero” loss!

Now, Jaiswal, minister for mines, says. “The loss is notional”.

The PMO claims that allocation of coal is “Government policy”; as if policies which, favor certain private firms, are not to be questioned.

Narayanaswami, MoS in PMO, says, “The CAG has exceeded the Constitutional mandate”.

These along with TV panelists were the same lot of worthies who criticized Team Anna for denigrating institutions.

The opposition pots, as usual, are calling the government pans, black!

Where does all this leave the citizen whose wealth has been looted? 


BDA is used as a private fiefdom of politicians


BDA was to be wound up as having outlived its usefulness. This was the opinion of a group of bureaucrats and experts way back in 1997. However, their recommendation was given a quiet burial. Why this anachronism continued after BMRDA was set up because BDA could not do what was expected of it, would be a mystery until one notes that BDA has the power to acquire land.


Even ABIDe, which was to recommend the governance set of for the city was circumspect when it came to BDA. They did not know what to do with and suggested that it be allowed to continue as a “construction company”!


That BDA has been well used by politicians of all hues is not in doubt. The latest proof, if ever one was needed, is available in a Deccan Herald news story datelined 29 Jan 2011. It says that the chief minister pacified a minister with a gift of a BDA site. To read the sordid story in Deccan Herald, please click on the paper’s name, which is highlighted.