Lobby your MP, MLA and Municipal Council / Panchayat members, trade unions and associations against UID

The NO2UID Campaign is non-political and non-ideological. It affects everyone, rich and poor, influential and marginalised, those in government and those outside it. Most people are ignorant of the evils of a database state. Many imagine that IT could be used for anything and everything. Some think that it would eliminate corruption.


People do not know that a database with information about you, about all people, under the control of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, could be used against people. If the poor could be “Targeted” to provide them with “welfare benefits” using a database, the same database could be used to “target” anyone else for any other purpose.


The causes of leakages of welfare funds are not because the beneficiaries are not properly identified. The causes are corruption and inefficiency. Corruption is in decision-making – decisions on eligibility for welfare, in fixing Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for procuring PDS grains, in procurement, in storage, in transportation, in appointing ration shops, NREGS contractors etc.


Databases and unique identification could never prevent illegal migrants from entering the country. Only better border policing and control would do that.
How could anyone decide from a person’s fingerprints, whether he / she is an Indian or foreigner or an illegal migrant?,/p>

Politicians, bureaucrats, the rich and powerful in business imagine that they could circumvent any system through bribes and hence, databases and surveillance systems would not affect them. Some would like to use the business opportunity by tapping into government spending on setting up and maintaining such IT systems.


Politicians, bureaucrats and businesspersons, who see personal pecuniary and other advantages in such systems, use the fear of terrorism to induce people to accept these methods. People foolishly believe such theories. People do not realise that the underlying assumption is that everyone, other than those in control, is a potential terrorist and needs to be watched.


Who will watch the watchers?
We should tell our MPs, MLA, and other elected reps and organized associations the truth about database control. They should know how it would affect them, as much as it affects everyone else.

Should you need any assistance for contacting your local reps, please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The link here will take you to the Lok Sabha webpage with names, constituency and contact details of all Members of Parliament. Please use this to send appeals to them and engage them to scrap the UID Scheme.