UIDAI's Diabolical Ploy on Sharing Data with CBI

One must admire the brilliance of UIDAI. The Bombay High Court asked UIDAI to "Consider" sharing of data collected under the UID Scheme with CBI to assist the investigations in a rape case in Goa.

According to the news report in 'Deccan Herald', UIDAI has rushed to the Supreme Court after the Panaji bench passed an interim order directing the Director General, Central Forensic and Scientific Laboratory to appoint an expert to ascertain if its database has the technological capability for matching the chance fingerprints electronically obtained.

UIDAI has killed two birds with one stone. It has become the champion of privacy and at the same time avoided any test of the veracity and of the capability of its technology. Sec 33 (a) of the N I A Bill, which incidentally was drafted by UIDAI, permits sharing of data if ordered by a court. What then is the case of UIDAI before the Supreme Court?

You may access the 'Deccan Herald' news story by clicking on the link below.