The “Robust” Security of Hoax & Sham ID Called, “Aadhaar”

That the database of "Aadhaar", the hoax and Sham ID (SID, for short) which, masquerades as a unique ID, has robust security, is a claim often made. The former chairman of UIDAI never tires of repeating the lie.

Recently, the current IT minister joined the group of the "Aadhaar" robustness security claimants, perhaps suffering from a bout of convenient amnesia. It was not very long ago that he was trashing it as a threat to national security because illegal immigrants are obtaining the Sham ID numbers which the government forcing everyone to accept.

When it comes to personal gain, for many here, national security pales into the background. The culture, is a trait displayed as early as, at the Third battle of Plassey which, historians call a commercial transaction (Mir Jaffer selling his state and army to robber baron, Clive).

Here’s a news report in ‘Bangalore Mirror’ dated 10 May 2017, of the accidental arrest of 7 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. All 7 had the Sham ID / "Aadhaar Cards". Labelling the Sham ID numbers as cards is part of the hoax. The link to the news report is at the end of this article.

This is not the first time that this has happened.

On 20th February 2014, ‘Indian Express’ reported the arrest of 7 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants working as contract laborers in the local Army HQ at Bengaluru.

Two of them were found with Sham ID / "Aadhaar Cards".

The unbelievable stupidity of those who run this hoax does not stop here.

When I queried UIDAI through RTI dangers of such illegal immigration and action taken to prevent recurrence, UIDAI replied to me enclosing a copy of its response to a similar query from the police station investigating the crime.

UIDAI told the police in its reply that the enrolments were “genuine”, not fake or ghost which, the Sham ID / "Aadhaar", is supposedly eliminating!